Merry Christmas, Passionistas!

It’s Christmas Day!!!!

I must admit blogmas is a struggle. I started off strong but this season had been so busy for me that I miss and day of two.

Last year my family started the tradition of making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve.

I purchased my Hershey’s kit from CVS for $7.99

I am a master at this …. look 👀

Merrry Christmas !!!!!!

Southern Belle Farm 

Hi friends, 

So this weekend I gathered up some friends to check out one item on my holiday bucket list. 

Wevisited Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, GA to pick pumpkins and bond over a campfire  🔥. 

This was something we’ve never together before and so much fun. 

I can’t wait to finish the rest of my holiday bucket list…. 

Life at 25

My birthday is in two weeks; I feel so out of my life. Meaning I don’t know if I’m happy, excited, mad, glad, or sad. I’m just here. It’s a good thing to e here. But here is not where I thought I would be turning 25. By now I thought I would

  • Have my dream career
  • Have a healthy long term relationship with my dream guy
  • Possibly engaged or close to rocking that ring on my finger
  • Planning for kids
  • Living in my OWN townhome in a nice city
  • Driving a more lavish car than my 2004 Toyota
  • Better at exercising and dieting, overall healthier
  • Working on starting my own business
  • Traveling the over the world
  • Be a social lite

I can admit sometimes I look at my peers and wonder, “what am I doing wrong?”, “how are they so happy?”.  February through like November of last year was like a nightmare to me. But one day I got a call from an old friend, we sat on the phone chatting and catching up. She began to tell me how happy and full of joy I seemed. I quickly stopped her, telling her my true feelings. She found it hard to believe because on social media I looked like I was having the time of my life. This made me realize everything that glitters ain’t gold. I’ve always known that but I had to really realize that. I mean I honestly feel crazy for ever doubting my self-worth based of social media but I couldn’t help it.

As much as I enjoy birthdays, I’d much rather be planning a engagement party or baby shower. But I have to realize that ain’t my story. No, I’m not where I want to be in my career but I have a good job. No, I’m not in a relationship but I’m dating and it’s really fun. And No, a ring is not on my finger and may not be for a long time but when that day comes I’ll be ready for that chapter. And kids!?! Who am I kidding, I want kids but I’m not ready for any right now.

Turning 25 is a milestone to celebrate everything you have accomplished thus far. Not a battle to reflect on the things you lust over. My story is still being written. Everyday I wake up another page is added to the story of my life. I can’t reflect on what other people are doing. At 25 I can only be the best me I can be.

P.S. July babies are the best


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You, Me, and a Cup of Tea

Hey Gorgeous!

So a friend of mine introduced me to THE TEA SPOT. Being that I love tea. I was very excited to order my first sampler from there website. They have the cutest little website set up where you can purchase loose leaf tea, tea sachets, steepware, and even gift sets.

Seeing that summer is right around the corner, I purchased the Iced Tea Sampler of 6 different teas to try. Pictured below!


This sampler included the following loose leaf tea: Blue Mountain Nilgiri tea, Mango Tango tea, Boulder Blues tea, Grasshopper Green tea, Jasmine Petals tea, and Red Rocks tea.

This is what the loose tea leaves look like inside the tin can


So I got the loose tea because I like to brew my tea. I was very excited about trying each of these samples. The Red Rocks had to be my favorite but I’m going to give you the run down of each tea. For started, I used my Teavanna Tea Brewer to make the tea. I made a pitcher of each and try them all ( one after another of course!). To put a twist on things, I sweetened each tea with sugar cane and honey. But I also added some toppings to a few of them, like pineapples and pineapple juice and sliced lemons or limes.

Blue Mountain Nilgiri tea

The description for this tea is “deep and forgiving, with rich burgundy leaves from India’s Nilgiri Mountains that steep into amber liquor with w hint of ripe blackberries” This tea was alright to me. It was the first one I tried and it was not as strong as I thought it would be, as far as flavor.

I’m happy I got a chance to sample it but I don’t think I would purchase it by itself.

Mango Tango tea

The description for this tea is “tropical and brisk, with Ceylon, Passion Fruit and Mango”. Since this is a tropical drink, I added a hint of pineapple juice to the brewed tea after it had chilled. I also added sliced pineapples to each cup, just for that extra touch of sweetness. I loved this tea, and would re-purchase this tea.

Boulder Blues tea

The description for this tea is “Fruity and fun, with a blend of fine Japanese Sencha and high-grade Chinese Dragonwell”. You can really taste the strawberry twist in this tea. I love it. It is Absolutely refreshing! I do plan on re-purchasing this tea as well.

Grasshopper Green tea

The description for this tea is “Minty and Toasty, with peppermint and hoijcha.” This one was good but weird. Weird because its really minty and toasty and as I drank it iced, I felt like it should be warm. So I actually drank it cold and hot. I want to order this one again but in the winter time for a warm delightful winter taste.

Jasmine Petals tea

The description for this tea is “Vivacious and floral, green tea refreshing with jasmine flowers.”  I used honey to sweetened this tea and chilled it. It was amazing I loved it. I topped it off with slices of lime. I was actually sad when I used all of the sample so I def have to order it for the summer.

 Red Rocks tea

OMG !!!! This is my favorite. The description for this tea is “Vanilla and Almonds, caffeine free South African delight.” This one tastes like heaven. Sweet but not to sweet with a whole lot of flavor. When I was brewing it, it even smelled like birthday cake. Which made me think I would like it (because I hate birthday ice cream). But I was so fooled. I highly recommend this one for those hot summer days. This one will go great when its cold and iced in a tall glass and cupcake on the side.


I just can’t wait until the weather gets a little hotter and I can sit out on my porch with my music and Iced Tea. Be sure to check out The Tea Spot They offer 15% your first purchase when you subscribe to the e-letter. Below is the link to the Ice Tea Sampler I purchased. Thanks for stopping by PassionLocked today. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe and I will meet you back here next week for more…

My Tea Collection


Hello Dear,

Today I thought I’d share my tea collection with you. I am a southern belle and have always had a thing for Sweet Tea. Growing up, nothing made my happier than french fries and a large sweet tea from McDonald’s after school. As I got older I began to explore different tea’s and found that I love herbal tea. Which lead me to my new favorite brand.YogiTeafavs I discovered this brand of tea that I absolutely love when I’m sick with a cold…. YOGI…

Yogi Tea is all about health and wellness. They have this cold pack for cold and flu season that I rack up on in the winter and when the seasons change. You can find a tea for just about anything with Yogi. They have tea blends for the immune system, throat comfort, Healthy Skin, Slim Life Fasting, the Digestive system, Energy teas. They also have teas just for women, that target things like energy, moon cycle, mothers to be, and nursing support. I love YOGI TEA. I usually pick up Yogi Tea when I’m out at Target or sometimes can actually find this tea brand in Ross or Cost Market. And it cheap like $5 or less a box.

But lately, I have had an obsession with Teavana. I was introduced to Teavana one day in Starbucks, I noticed they sold the tea blend for Oprah Chai, which is the drink I always get at Starbucks. I thought it would be HEAVEN for buy it and be able to make Orpah Chai tea latte’s at home.

TeavannaTea2So I bought it and a Teavana tea brewer. I was inspired to visit Teavana to explore more tea blends. During my visit I was soooooo over whelmed by all the tea blends. But I decided on purchasing my top three favs of the day: Dragonfruit Devotion (Herbal Tea), Jade Citrus Mint (Flavored Green Tea), and Passion Tango (also a Herbal Tea). Out of these three Passion Tango is my favorite, because I can drink it Hot or Cold. And now that its girls scouts season I love a hot mug of Passion Tango tea and a side of shortbread cookies.

Check back with me on Wednesday!!!


PassionTangoBrewing Passion Tango Tea brewing…

PasionTangoCold   Iced in a pitcher for a cold delight…

PassionTangoHot or Hot with Shortbread cookies …