Lemonade Served: A Music Review

Intuition.  Denial. Anger. Apathy. Emptiness. Accountability. Reformation. Forgiveness. Resurrection. Hope. Redemption.



You have to live under a rock if you don’t know what this blog post is about #Lemonade. I just knew Beyonce was going to give us 1 week to learn her new music before the #formation tour started. A week is not a long time. But she’s the QUEEN and we gon’ learn it.

Now, I’ve been a fan of Beyonce for sometime now. I was first a fan for the original Destiny’s Child. And I have to admit I was upset when she when solo and Destiny’s Child was no more. But I am beginning to STAND for my girl QUEEN B. I think #Lemonade is the first album I can play front to back and back to front all day long for days and still feel the same way I did when I first heard it. #Lemonade speaks completely to me. I got together with my bestie to watch this amazing HBO special, so let me give you the run down…


Pray you Caught me, this intro sets the tone of my emotions. Dishonesty. When you can feel it, “I pray you caught me…” these lyrics touched me, “nothing else ever seem to hurt like the smile on your face”. I feel like this is the stage of thinking it but not knowing it but wanting to know. It’s all emotions.

Hold Up, now this jam made me dance, and I love it. And I can relate to her in so many ways, “Jealous of Crazy”. I’ll take CARZY for 500, Alex.

Don’t hurt Yourself, now this is the one that has all the girls talking. I mean it starts off so ruff. I was shocked. I was like Beyonce and letting y’all know she’s the QUEEN, but still she deals with real life. And the ending dramatics give me sooooo much life “Let it Be, Don’t her yourself”

Sorry, Now this is my second favorite song. Serena Williams gave me life in the video. Beyonce gave me life again, just as before. “Boy Bye” She stands for girls, black women, and sister-ship.

6 inch, Okay! Featuring the Weeknd, this is my FAVORITE. Its so dark and all you see if RED. “She walked in the club like nobodies’ business.” It really speaks to me. I work hard. Bey works hard. And its hard to be professional and a woman at the same time at times. But we still work, “she worth every dollar”

Daddy Lessons, I love country music. She gave me a real dirty south country song. And the video not only show you culture, but insight to Beyonce’s real life.

Love drought, “9 times out of 10 I’m in my feelings” YASSSSSS BEY! That is completely true. Like how can you know fall in love with her words. I need love, she needs love, women need love. And not just any old love. Real, can’t live without you love.

Sandcastle, straight water works. I mean the first time I listened to this was during the HBO special and I was around my friends so I couldn’t feel it like I needed to. But please believe once I got alone I played this one at least three times before any other song. And I balled. I mean I cried for the old, I cried for the new, I cried. She understands me or I understand her. Bey, Thank you I needed this one, “every promise don’t work out that way”.

Forward, When I heard James Blake voice…. I knew this was not a game. James Blake on a Beyonce album, this is serious. I know she was a fan of his, but a feature with him is big. And it leads us into Freedom. And I get pumped up. “Ima keep running ‘cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”. Black America needs this. This is for our young men #blacklivesmatter

All Night, Not I like this song but this is the hope and redemption. It sounds good, but personally I’m not there yet. But I wait to see the day, I feel love like that.


Now these cheating rumors could be true. I mean we are all humans. Jay Z is a man, and man makes mistakes. And yes this album is a run down of emotions of a woman who has been through more than she could imagine in her relationship, but still falls in love with her man all over again every time she looks in his eyes. This album is relatable, believable, and understandable. Honestly I didn’t know I needed this in my life until the HBO special. Thank You Bey! And then after it all she says… Hold you head up high and get in # Formation. Yes he may I cheated but still life goes on.

Can’t wait til May 5th, I will be in FORMATION in NASHVILLE babay !!!!!

Note from Kadii …

Hey Guys!

I have been extremely busy as usually but I wanted to make sure I kept my promise of a bi-weekly note from me to you! I hope each of you are doing what you love and excelling in whatever you are passionate about. Over the last two weeks I have been overwhelmed with the support and feedback I have received from PassionLocked. I started this blog, because, blogging was something I always wanted to try. I didn’t think about people actually following my blog and viewing my post. And each day I check my stats the number increase, you guys are liking my post, following the page, commenting and even making e-mail subscriptions. I love it ! Thank You…

IMG_0015As I was reading Yandy Smith Harris book, The beauty of branding (see my book review, posted this past Wednesday), I came of with a few ideas I want to incorporate into my blog. Today I am revealing my logo for PassionLocked (pictured left), working on building social media accounted specific to PassionLocked, and offering give- a – ways for my awesome followers.

I cant wait to share more of my branding experience with you and PassionLocked grows!

Love it. Do it. Be it.

Big shout outs to Donahue Johnson (graphic artist) for taking my vision and creating my logo. check out his work at http://www.donahue-johnson-designs.tumblr.com or follow him on IG: @groovy_que8

Black History Month

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Dear Four Little Black Girls,

You were taken away from this world too soon. I hear and see your story and think about everything you missed out on like school dances and parties, even prom, graduation, college life, and growing up. It saddens me. Then I think about 1963 vs. 2016. Times are different! Or are they? I mean well theres a slight difference. But hurtfully, innocent African American are still losing there lives to racism. Not one of you deserved what happened on September 15,1963. I hope you’ll be happy to know that your death was followed by thousands of protesters standing up for your innocence in this situation.

I recently visited the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, GA and the memorial in your honor is beyond amazing, and every inspirational. As much as I want to be angry and sad when I think about the bombing, your smiles make me happy. I think about good times and childhood. I think about that one Easter morning, my mommy got me dressed fresh as can be and curled my hair. Then se sat me down at the kitchen table and painted my finger nails a pearly pink color. I sat pretty as can be at church that day, extremely nervous when I said my Easter speech. But, I remember that day being just as easy as any Sunday morning. I want your little ladies to dwell on the good times and be thankful for the bad times, because we all know trouble don’t last always. I can’t wait until the morning we met. We’d just laugh, cry and hug. We’d have hours of girl talk and put of our Sunday’s best for the tea party of our lives. And together we’d look back at the times that had us down and then we’d be merry and blessed. OH I CAN’T WAIT.

With much southern love,


P.S. Kiss my Pa-Pa for me and tell him his baby girl is doing well and missing him more than ever, but will see him again someday.

Hey Friends…

Recently I visited the Center for Civil and Human Rights, downtown Atlanta, GA. When I tell you the center is amazing, It’s amazing! If you’re in the area, please make time to visit it. And you can spend all day in this place. The group I went with made a day of it and we all enjoyed ourselves. See pictures in my February gallery.

Happy Monday and talk to ya Wednesday!!!!