French tea bridal shower 

I’m so in love with planning events. It’s like therapy for me. And I enjoy making others happy. All year I have been planning and plotting for my friends bridal shower. We did a French Tea Party and it turnt out great. 
For starters, I wanted to give the room a welcoming layout. I knew that everyone at the shower won’t know one another but I wanted everyone to mingle. So instead of doing single tables, I lined the tables up to make two long tables. 

As a cost saver, I used paper table clothes from party city for $3.99 each. Much cheaper than renting cloth linens and better than plastic. 
The tables were dressed with assorted tea sets that I’ve been collecting all year. Each place setting had a different style tea cup and saucer to add color to the room. Tea pots were aligned down the centers of each table, no two alike. I started collecting these at the top of the year from different thrift stores in my area. Altogether I purchased about 50 tea cups and saucers and 10 tea pots. I didn’t really keep track of how much I spent on these all together but everything was cheap. In between each teapot I set up clear sugar bowls, an each end of the tables stored a small platter of assorted tea bags. To complete each table setting, there was an event program on the left and rolled utensils on the right. 

As guest started to arrive, the host use Kettles to put water warm and the tea pots filled. 

Guest were asked to sign the brides personal tea pot at the entrance. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a great replacement of a traditional guest book. It also helps the bride preserve her memories of this joyous occasion. 

The food table was just a quick creation of mine the day of the event. The table lead off with a fruit and vegetable platter. I found that it was cheaper to make the platters myself instead of buying several $20 platters to feed 50 people. There was also croissants and jams, cookies, brownies, and chicken salad with cracker. And cake of course. Most importantly the iced tea selections. I was lucky enough to find three serving pitchers during my thrifting, each were less than $10. Sweet Tea, Iced Tea with lemon, and Unsweet tea was served cold. I even found a template for water bottle labels. 

The cake was designed and made by a every creative friend of mine. I sent her a photo of a pull a part dress cake and she went from there. She always delivers delightful treats whenever I plan events. 

This little number here, was just something last minute that made a lasting impression. 

And what is a bridal shower without games! We played a fierce games of say yes to the dress, what’s in your purse, and how well do you know the bride. 

I’m so happy this event turnt out the way it did. And the bride loved every minute of it. It brought joy to my heart to know that I made her smile. 

I already have another project I’m working on and cannot wait to share it with you. But until that time be sure to like, comment and share this post! 

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