Valentine Gifts by PassionLocked

Hello Passionistas!

I know we are still in January, but I have already started my Valentine creations. With my cricut air 2, I have made a few gifts and decorations for Valentine’s Day.

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Mini Tin Mailboxes… $6

Glitter Mugs with straw… $10

Candy Jar… $6

Mini Flower Vase… $6


Couples Glass Mugs… $15

Large Flower Vase… $10



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DIY Project: Candy Jar

Hello Passionistas!!!


I want to bring more DIY and creative blogs to Passion Locked. I mean arts and crafts are truly a passion of mine. So today I will be showing you how to make these cute little candy jars from clay pots and fish bowls.

This is a great DIY projects for your home, office, and gifts. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I think this candy jar will be great to decorate your home or office with, or give as a gift. I will be making three of these Candy Jars, all different colors.


Here’s what I am using:

  • 4.25 in Clay Pot and Saucer from Home Depot (0.78 each, pot and saucer sold separately)
  • Mini Fish Bowl from The Dollar Tree
  • Wooden Ball from Hobby Lobby ($2.99/ 4pk)
  • Acrylic Paint and Sponge brushes, for this project I am using 3 colors: CraftSmart Red, Anita’s Royal Fuchsia, and Folk Art 676E Inca Gold
  • For decorative supplies I am using Gold Adhesive Diamond Wrap and Red Diamond Wrap from The Dollar Tree
  • Loctite Super Glue
  • Parchment Paper


To start, paint the clay pot and saucer and wooden ball. I painted one coat, let it dry then painted a second coat.

Side Note: I used the parchment Paper to protect my table top from the paint.


Then, using Loctite super glue- glue the wooden ball to the top (center) of the saucer. As well as gluing the fish bowl to the (bottom) clay pot.


Now, it’s time to decorate. I am using the adhesive diamond wrap around the bottom of the gold candy jar and the red diamond wrap around the bottom of the red candy jar. You can personalize the candy jar with other decorative stickers or letters. I plan on actually personalizing these candy jars for special people- so I’m not going to post the finished product in this blog. But closer to Valentine’s Day I will post the finished look on my IG (@passionlocked) account.


Lastly, Fill the candy jar with you favorite sweet treats.

I hope you liked this blog. If you decide to make one of these candy jars yourself, share pictures with me. If you would like one of these candy jars but do not want to make it, DM me on Instagram.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section- let me know if want to see more of these DIYer projects. Feel free to leave suggestions of DIY project I should be try and blog about.

This week’s Deal: Cricut (R) 


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Girls Night Inn!!!

Hey beauty,


This past week was a tough one. And not just for me for my friends as well. So with Valentine’s Day on the brain, one of my friend came up with the idea to have a sleepover to celebrate our friendship. OMG! So, Me (IG:@rubiiroulette) Tyanna (@lovely_lady125) Myeesha (@paix_bebe) and Jas (@jaynikkie9) got together and had some much needed girl time.


First of all, you know I had to make a stop on my way there. I went to Trader Joe’s for a few sleepover essentials. I got some dip and chips- you always need snack food at a sleep over. I had to pick up some Trader Joe’s wine- because that’s the best wine ever! And it’s cheap! Then I thought about the next day so I picked up some Gingerbread Latte mix with milk chocolate pieces and whipped cream. And headed to the sleepover.


We all had valentine themed PJ’s. we ordered pizza and started the night with Karaoke. We a group of friends that love to sing but can’t sing. I can’t even hold a tune. But it fun to preform and pretend, especially when it come to a classic Beyoncé or Destiny’s Child hit. After we were about to loose our voices from the sold out concert we preform in the middle of the living room, we settled down for a few drinking games. HEADBANDZ! It’s a fun game but we are just a little to smart to play it. So, no one even had to drink during this game. Everyone was guessing what they needed to guess before their time is up. So we quickly got bored and moved on to the next game. SPOONS! Which turned into a nightmare because of the small group we had but it was still fun because each of us are characters in our own ways. Lastly I pulled out the Phase 10 cards, which were suppose to lead us competitive war, but we needed up the entertainer of several viewers on Periscope. Follow me @ BrandedKadii on Periscope. Lol. And Guess what it was only like a little after midnight and I tapped out. THE FIRST ONE. The girls stayed up talking, laughing and singing the entire night but I laid crossed the sofa and knocked out. Lord help me, I was tired. So, I was the first wake the next morning. It was only right that I make the girls breakfast. And by breakfast I mean gingerbread Lattes with whipped cream J But it was a blessing to spend that time with my dear friends in honor of Valentines day before we all got lost in the sauce of love on the 14th.


Check out the pictures I shared from the sleepover and tune in Friday for the next post. It will be up by 12 noon.