Wine Me Down | Winc

Happy 2020, Passionista!

I don’t know about y’all but I’m finding it hard to get back into my daily routine after this holiday season. I don’t know what it is but by 3pm everyday I am fighting to stay awake. It’s like my energy is just completely drained mid-afternoon. So around 5 or 6pm I’m ready to wine down and call it a night. My new subscription wine box has come in handy with helping me wine down from a long exhausting day of adulting.

Winc is a wine delivery service that allows you to select 4 of your favorite types of wine and ships it to you for only $39 + complimentary shipping.

How it works?

Visit to take the palette profile 6 question quiz. You will be given recommendations specifically to match your palette. Then, you are able to shop and select 4 bottles of wine to be shipped to you with complimentary shipping.

My 1st box shipped directly to my front door within a week of ordering. I love a Red Blend just as much as I love a Rose. Which is why I selected a red blend, a white blend, a Rose, and a Chardonnay to have a variety to fit any mood I may be in each day.

2018 Pacificana Chardonnay

2018 Passarola White Blend

2017 Rosa Obscura Red Blend

2018 Pretty Young Thing Rose

The best snack combination is red wine and kettle popcorn. If you’re a spicy girl like myself add hot cheetos in with you popcorn. Thank me later!

Tell me, What’s your favorite type of wine?

BLOGMAS DAY 5 |Seasonal DIY| Holiday Wine Bag

Hello Passionista,

Y’all already know, I am the DIY Queen when it comes to gifts and decor.  I came across the idea (on Pinterest) for holiday wine bags. I found these to be super easy to make and cute to give away as gifts. There are also cheap enough to make a resale profit. 

These wine bags can be used for all occasions like birthdays gifts, wedding gifts, party favors, house warming, etc. I think else are my new favorite DIY gift item to make. 

Materials used: Burlap wine bag, Iron on Vinyl, and Circuit Explorer Air 2 and Craft tools 

To place an order for this Holiday Wine Bag or a personalized design email or visit my Instagram account. 

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive commissions for the purchase/booking made through this link at no extra cost to you.

Dinner with PassionLocked


You just don’t know how glad I am that it is Friday… THE WEEKEND BABY. The weekend is when I truly come alive. LOL!  But I have so much going on this weekend I have to spent my entire night preparing, but it shall be fun!


Today I want to share my Lasagna recipe. I am a self taught cook and I love pasta. To make my Lasagna I needed to take a trip to Kroger to get everything I needed to cook this meal. At the store I picked up some ready to cook Lasagna noodles, ground turkey, tomato-basil pasta sauce, ricotta cheese, eggs, three blend shredded cheese, and baby spinach.

So to start, I season and cook my ground turkey. As the turkey was cooking, I also cook the baby spinach leaves. Then, I use Olive oil base the pan. After that, I fill another pan with hot water to soak, not boil my ready to cook lasagna noodles. I like to build my lasagna with wet noodles, so that they become soft while baking. Next, I mix my ricotta cheese and eggs together. At this point everything is prepared, so now I am ready to build my lasagna to bake. I start with one layer of noodles, I laid about four lasagna noodles (wet) side by side at the bottom of my pan. Then, I take a few full spoons my pasta sauce and spread it across the noodles. Next, I add a thin layer of ground turkey (cooked) and shredded cheese on top. Next, I take more noodle to build my second layer. On one side of the noodles, I spread across the ricotta cheese and egg mix. On the other side, I spread across more pasta sauce on the noodles and add another layer of ground turkey and cheese. On this layer I lay out my baby spinach leaves and work on the third layer. Again, one side of the noodle has a spread of ricotta cheese and egg mix, and the other side has pasta sauce. To top of the Lasagna I add a thin layer of shredded cheese.

It is important to make sure that the ends of the noodles are wet and have some sauce on it. This will help keep the ends from being crunchy. I like my lasagna really soft, cheesy and saucy. I use the rest of pasta sauce for the edges of the pan to make sure my noodles are wet. I then put the pan in the oven on 350 (degrees) for about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes I use a folk to see how soft my noodles have gotten. Then I add more cheese to the top of the lasagna, so that it is cheese and golden when finished. After another 15 minutes, I bring the pan out of the oven to cool.

To complete my dinner, I add a side dish of cream of corn with diced red peppers and onions. And I have to have wine with this meal. So I pour my last glass of my favorite wine from Trader Joe’s.

I have to make a stop Trader Joe’s for more wine this week. But enjoy your weekend and I cant wait until your next visit on Monday !!!